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COPIC Airbrush System (Sparmax TC-501N & ABS-3)

COPIC Airbrush System (Sparmax TC-501N & ABS-3)

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COPIC Markers can be used as an airbrush by inserting the broad tip end of the pen into our uniquely designed adapter.

The Airbrush feature is wonderful for creating backgrounds and filling in larger areas of space.

The Airbrush tool creates little or no mess and allows for nearly instant change in color.

It's simple to use - just attach one end of the COPIC Airbrush hose to a standard airbrush compressor and the other to the COPIC Airbrush adapter with AirGrip attached and you're ready to go!

The COPIC Complete Air Brush System comes with everything you need to use your Copic Sketch Markers as an airbrush system. It includes a sparmax mini compressor, airhose, air adapter and the airgrip.

Sparmax TC-501N Compressor Details

Motor: 1/8 HP AC

Automatic Type

Auto On/Off (40psi on/60psi off)

Airflow: 14-18 lpm

Weight: 3.2 kgs / 7 lbs

Size: L24 x W14.5 x H17(cm) / 9.4" x 5.7" x 6.7"

Includes 2 Hoses, Moisture trap, Air Regulator, Adapters for all major airbrushes

ABS-3 Details

Includes AirGrip & Air Adapter

Copic Airbrush System Warning

  • Use in an area with good air circulation. If using in an area of poor ventilation, use a facemask.
  • You can only connect the D-60 Air Can directly to the Air Grip. Other Air Cans require the Air Hose and Air Adaptor.
  • Do not spray on people or animals.

  • Please Note: Marker(s) not included!